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"3 around" people having high risks of liver problems

ecently, the "3 around group" is a popular term on the internet, which means sitting around the television at home, working around the computer at office and taking vehicles outside. People eat much and have a few exercises, the life style is monotonic. Liver problem trends to appear in young groups, especially the "3 around group". No symptom is detected in more than half of the liver problem cases. Therefore the problems are usually omitted. There is a “five color eating habit” theory in traditional Chinese medicine. We can nourish and protect our liver by the food therapy. Liver governs green color, eating more green colored food can improve health of liver. Besides, sourness flavors the nature of liver, eating sour foods such as hawthorn, Corni fructus, Fructus Lycii can protect and Preserves the liver.

Nourishing the liver with Chinese Medicines

Keeping health by emotions is a highlighted theory in traditional Chinese medicine. The 5 organs correspond to 5 emotions. Liver corresponds to anger, so-called "anger hurts liver". Fluctuated emotions can lead to irregular Qi and blood of liver and problems of dredging and draining. On the other hand, Chinese medicine theory insists the importance of adequate and regular resting time and lifestyle. The theory of midnight-noon ebb-flow is mentioned in ancient books: liver and gallbladder are the most active during 11pm to 3am, blood of the whole body flow to liver and the detoxification function of the liver snaps into gear. "When people lie on bed, blood flows to liver", if you can take enough rest during this period, blood of the whole body can flow to the liver for detoxification. Great refreshment can be achieved when you wake up.

Hot flashes - a common symptom during midlife transition

According to Chinese practitioners, problems during midlife transition are due to deficiency of kidney Qi and heavenly dew, leading to an imbalance of Yin and Yang. As deficiency of kidney Qi appears when you are getting old, which happens in both genders. Therefore, problems during midlife transition do not appear in female only. However, why do this seldom happen in male? In western medicine theory, different stages in entire life of women are closely related to hormone levels. Therefore, the influence to women will be the most obvious during the fluctuated midlife transition period. The symptoms can be improved by taking Chinese medicine or food therapy.

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