Being the guardian of your health, Royal Medic insists to improve and support your well-being. Royal Medic was invited to operate 2 Chinese medicine clinics in Mannings Branches in 2007 and 2012. Senior registered traditional Chinese physician stationed in our clinics to provide a one-stop Chinese health care service.

Moreover, almost 400 herbs are available for prescription. We have concentrated and decocted TCM in vacuum packing to fit the busy life-style of people in Hong Kong. The clinics are computerized, with digital records on herbs stock and distribution, ensuring the herbs are sufficient and in good quality.

Various body symptoms can be collected by inspection, listening and smelling, questioning and palpation. Thus nature and origin of health problems can be detected (e.g. heats and chills, deficiency and excess…etc.). With tongue and pulse signs observation, body constitution of patient can be defined. Thus herbs or TCM without decoction will be assigned according to patients’ body constitutions.

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